Prophet Uebert Angel Was Born In Africa

Prophet Uebert Angel And Some Useful Information

Born in Africa, the Prophet Uebert Angel is the prime example of a man born in a small world meant to experience big things. Born with gifts from God, Uebert Angel started to follow in Christ at an early age and continued to do so, eventually founding the Spirit Embassy in the name of Christ on March 12, 2007 with his wife Beverly Angel.

The Prophet Uebert Angel

From its humble beginnings, the Spirit Embassy has since grown to be an extremely large Christian gathering that focuses on the faithful from the United Kingdoms, New Zealand, Australia, Botswana, Zambia, the United States, and Zimbabwe. By reaching out to the faithful all across the world, Uebert Angel hopes to spread God’s love and His miracles to those who need them. With his charismatic speaking style amplified by his gifted wife, the Angels are able to communicate God’s message of healing, prosperity, faith, and love to all of the people of the church, no matter where they might live.


Some more useful information regarding the Prophet Uebert Angel

In order to do this, the Prophet Uebert Angel and his wife Beverly travel all over the world as guest speakers to churches while also televising their message on miracle TV. This combination allows them to reach out to the faithful all across the world. Born in Zimbabwe, Prophet Uebert Angel moved for a time to the United Kingdoms, but has since returned to his homeland, where he operates his television shows and Spirit Embassy.


Before he became a modern-day prophet, Pastor Uebert Angel was heavily influenced by Kenneth Hagin Sr., who founded the Rhema Bible Church and Rhema Bible School. Pastor Hagin has since passed away, but his memory lives on in Pastor Uebert Angel’s message of faith and healing given to the masses.


Something that sets Prophet Uebert Angel apart from many other televangelists is that he has a proven record of successful prophecies on large events ranging from air crashes, earthquakes, and even sport results. While prophecies are one of Prophet Uebert Angel’s gifts from God, he often focuses on prayer and healing as primary parts of his sermons, as well as modern-day miracles. This is something that makes him very popular among other believers. Due to his popularity, hundreds upon hundreds attend the sermons and miracles that he performs with his wife.


Where can you watch the Prophet Uebert Angel?

Prophet Uebert Angel can be watched on MiracleTV, a satellite television channel that airs recordings of the sermons and miracles that he has performed, as well as new content as it is made available.